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City of Bryan performing smoke tests in residential areas next week

Sewer lines will be tested on and off until the end of July.

BRYAN, Texas — The City of Bryan's Water Services Department will be doing smoke tests on the sewer lines beginning Monday July 6.

Residents in the western and northwestern areas of Bryan might see smoke in the area, but there's no need to worry. The smoke tests help water service crews see if there are any broken pipes or other defects. They'll inject smoke into the sewer lines through manholes, and take note of any defects they find in the pipes.

People in the area can expect to see smoke coming from vent pipes on the roofs of homes and businesses, as well as manholes and possibly from defective pipes. The smoke is non-toxic and does not create a fire hazard, and smoke will not enter your home or business unless there's defective plumbing. You can prevent smoke from entering your building or home by pouring one gallon of water into drains not used frequently.

To see a map of where the smoke testing will be happening, you can click here.

Sewer lines will be tested on and off until the end of July.

Residents with questions about this process should contact the city’s Water Services Department at 979.209.5900.

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