Texas voter applications filled out before October 1st on vote.org may be invalid, according to the Texas Secretary of State. Prospective voters who submitted these applications will have to re-register to vote before the October 9th deadline.

Many of the applications were completed without a physical signature and submitted as unsigned copies to various Texas counties, according to Sam Taylor, a spokesperson for the Secretary of State’s office. Vote.org originally told applicants that they could submit an online form, which the website would then mail in to their local county registrar of voters.

Submitting an unsigned voter application violates Texas Election Code Sec 13.002, which mandates that a registration application be “in writing and signed by the applicant.”


The Secretary of State’s office was first alerted to the problem after counties began to complain that they were receiving unsigned ballots.

Vote.org has since changed their system and, as of Monday October 1st, requires applicants to print out the application, sign it, and then personally mail it to a registrar of voters.