COLLEGE STATION - An Aggie tradition like no other - Ring Day.

A day where those at Texas A&M show their commitment to the university by putting a ring on it. And this year 6,600 rings will be presented between the two days.

But, one student is rewriting a part of this tradition.

Dylan Sutton (Class of '19) has two rings in his box. One for him and the other... for his dad.

While Dylan is being presented with his own ring, he is surprising his dad, Grant Sutton, with his own.

"I am going to get my dad to present my ring box to me, but there will be two rings inside," Dylan said. "One for him since he never got his."

Grant Sutton received his masters from Texas A&M in 1996. But, didn't get a ring at the time.

A regret Dylan says he is vocal about.

"He's always mentioned how big of a regret it is that he didn't get it," Dylan said.

However, that regret is being washed away with happy tears.

"My only regret from graduating from here was not getting a ring," Grant said after the presentation. "I had no idea this was gonna happen. When I saw my name I thought it was a joke."

But, there was no joke here. Only a heart-felt gesture from his son.

"I know how much it means to me, and I hope it means the same to him," Dylan said.

And it does. Grant said his new ring, is never coming off.

"This place has always been special to me. but even more now with this history," Grant said.

Grant said the ring will now be a symbol of the bond, and tradition, he shares with his son and wife.