COLLEGE STATION, Texas - As we continue into the Fall season temperatures are beginning to drop here in the Brazos Valley, and this seasonal change doesn’t just bring with it cooler climates but also the start of cold and flu season.

In February, we reported that flu numbers were on the rise last season with more than 400 cases in the area according to the Brazos Valley Health Department.

With these numbers on the rise experts say don't underestimate how serious the flu can be.

In Texas, flu season generally runs from October to April and doctors say right now is the prime time to get vaccinated against the flu, along with practicing good hand hygiene.

The flu vaccine can be administered as early as six months of age and protects against various strands of the flu.

"Keep in mind when we are younger than 6 months and can't get the vaccine it's important for all the rest of us to get the vaccine to protect those who have not been vaccinated from getting the flu," said Baylor Scott and White Infectious Disease Clinician Seth Sullivan.

Doctor Sullivan also says that as you grow older your immune system doesn't work quite as well, which is why it's important for children and adults to get vaccinated.

"When we get older our immune system doesn't work as well as it did when we we're younger. So we have some high dose vaccinations formulations that are used for that reason," said Sullivan.