COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Valentine's Day is just around the corner and if you or your special someone has a sweet tooth, then you will love all the eye candy at Hey Sugar.

It's a love fest for sweets that all started from the owner's son selling candy out of a trailer.

"He sold the candy at these horse shows and it was really successful. So after a couple of years of doing that, we decided we should probably open up a store front because it was such a popular concept," said owner Kristin Brittan.

Now 8 years and 3 stores later, the shop is causing a sugar rush at it's newest location in College Station.

"It brings out the kid in everyone, it's fun for all ages. My favorite is when the older generations come in and oowe and awe over the salted candy or a soda they had on a first date at the five and dime store," said Operations Manager Ashley Majors.

Filled with timeless treats to fill the whole families sweet tooth, and for all of the ice cream lovers, they have a few flavors specific to aggieland.

"We have one called gig em that's maroon. So it's red velvet cake thrown into a vanilla base and then we have one called bon fire, and it's s'mores and a chocolate base," said Brittan.