COLLEGE STATION, Texas-- The Lawrence Sullivan Ross statue on Texas A&M's campus will remain, according to a statement from University President Michael Young and Chancellor John Sharp, released Monday.

It comes amid calls for statues of confederate generals and sympathizers to be torn down. The University of Texas took down four statues, including a Robert E. Lee statue, in the dead of night over the weekend.

Ross was a former President of A&M and a Brigadier General in the confederate calvarly. He was also the 19th governor of Texas.

"The Sul Ross statue will remain," said President Young. "We will look at other historical artifacts across Texas A&M to asses their consistency with our core values."

Young went on to say that Texas A&M would not be the school it is today, without Ross.

"Anyone who knows the true history of Lawrence Sullivan Ross would never ask his statue to be removed," said Chancellor Sharp in a statement. "It will not be removed."