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TEEX holds explosive breaching course for law enforcement

A rare glimpse into those split-seconds it takes for SWAT and military personnel to breach a building.

BRYAN, Texas — Those who attended the Explosive Breaching Class though TEEX said the training was "intense."

Twelve different members of law enforcement, ranging from Rangers to SWAT and military personnel, came to the Brazos Valley to learn the intricate details on how to successfully breach doors, walls and windows. 

"This class is designed to provide SWAT teams with another tool in their toolbox so if they ever have to make entrance into a building, they can never be stopped," said Chris Ennis, Sgt. for Delaware State Police and instructor for the course. 

He says the training is vital. 

"You can get all the training you want, but until you are out there and start putting the pieces together, the puzzle won't come together," Ennis said. 

The course is a week-long, but on Wednesday afternoon, those participating put the previous coursework from the days before into practice. They ran through different demonstrations including, a demo hostage situation. 

The 12 participants had to breach three doors, take down the "bad-guy," inside, and rescue the hostages. All while calculating the right amount of explosives to use, so those inside don't get hurt. 

"That is the ultimate goal," said Benjamin Tristan with the Texas DPS Ranger Division. "Use the smallest amount of explosives so the door just falls over." 

These trainings typically occur only twice a year, but can equip the departments with tools and knowledge for far longer. 

"What we are trying to do is give them the knowledge so they can go back and expand upon that," said Ennis.