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2021 Aggie Muster

Since 1883, Aggies of all backgrounds gather on April 21 to honor and celebrate Aggies who have passed.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — This year, Texas A&M found a safe way to continue the tradition considering the covid-19 pandemic.

Wednesday night, Aggies from all over the world gathered to honor and celebrate Aggies who have passed away during the annual Aggie Muster.

Caroline Pierce the Awareness Executive for the Muster committee said when she chose to come to A&M, she knew nothing about the traditions the university had.

Pierce said she learned more, she was instantly drawn in.

“I love how much intention is placed into every single life at this school, whether that be through silver taps or muster, everyone is remembered and everyone is honored,” Pierce said.

The first muster was 138 years ago, Pierce said it started out as a day for Aggies to meet up and remember their time at Texas A&M together.

Pierce said it then slowly turned into a day where they also remember fallen Aggies.

“It has continued with the same spirit every single year, the spirit of comradery, the spirit of family and the spirit of honor,” Pierce said, “Those values are so important in our world today so the fact it continues is incredibly important.”

At muster, every name of every Aggie that has passed away that year is called.

“That’s the coolest thing in the world for me because we have one thing as Aggies that can interlock us forever and at some point, our names will be called at Muster, someone will answer here for us,” TAMU Alum Ryan Bugai said.

No matter who you are or where you are, Bugai said muster brings every Aggie together.

Not only were fallen Aggies’ names read, but family members of those Aggies were present to remember their loved ones.

“The families of those who passed away, just as a reminder to them that we’re all family at A&M and that they will always be remembered,” TAMU Guidon and Training Corporal Seth St. Onge said.

Muster happens only on April 21 but Bugai says to him - fallen Aggies are remembered every day.