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Texas A&M professor, coalition advocate for Memorial Student center to be reinstated as early voting location

Arnold LeUnes, A professor at Texas A&M says that removing the Memorial Student Center as an early voting location will hurt young voter turnout.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — After Brazos County councilmen voted to remove Texas A&M University's Memorial Student Center as an early voting location, community organizations are rallying to have the decision reversed.

A Texas A&M coalition and community organizations such as League of Women Voters of Brazos Valley, FREE Aggies, and Brazos SDS will advocate that the Memorial Student Center be reinstated at the Brazos County Commissioners meeting on Tues, Aug. 30. 

Senior professor at Texas A&M Arnold LeUnes has taught at the school for over a decade, and believes the decision to not reinstate the Memorial Student Center will turn young people away from voting come election season.

"I think anything we can do to promote or facilitate the young vote we should do. You know a lot of times we spend a lot of time creating for hurdles for people to vote and we ought to just be doing the opposite and knocking down every barrier," said LeUnes.

On July 5th, Brazos County Commissioners voted to remove the location. LeUnes and MSC supporters believe it will make it significantly harder for many students to vote early.

Furthermore, with over 72,000 students enrolled at the university, he explained that getting the student body engaged with what's happening around them is more important than ever, saying: "We just need to do everything we possibly can to be involved in the process."

Growing up in a politically active household made LeUnes understand the importance of making your voice heard as a young person. To him, the many organizations calling for the center to be reinstated is just the first step in getting them involved.

He explained how as a professor, it has been hard for him to get students engaged in politics and become a part of the voting process. Fighting to have them apart of this process will make them feel welcomed he believes.

"Having a place to vote on campus is a symbol that they're welcomed to participate," said LeUnes. 

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