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Women's History Month: Why advocacy groups are vital for women

FREE Aggies is a feminist group that works with organizations to provide resources and education for women's reproductive rights.

BRYAN, Texas — National Women’s Month may be coming to a close, but one group is leaving their mark in the Bryan-College Station area as fighting for women's rights.

In 2012, a group of students at Texas A&M University wanted to create a movement because of the lack of inclusivity and intersectionality for women. It started as Pro-Choice Aggies, but later turned into what is known today as FREE Aggies (Feminists for Reproductive Equity and Education).

Over the summer, abortion rights became a major focus around the nation, as several groups and organizations like FREE protested like many others following the historic overturning of Roe V. Wade

The group protested downtown in Bryan like many others because they felt their basic rights were being violated, according to FREE Aggies President Nimisha Srikanth. The decision in combination with the new need for women to fight for their own rights is why groups like these are so vital, Srikanth said.

“FREE really started definitely as a pro-choice group,” said Srikanth. “There are multiple things that are affecting not just women's lives as well and that we want to focus on all of these health inequities. Not just one specific thing because we want to consider many different things that way we could help empower people and women's life in total.”

The group hosts events to educate all people--not just women--about birth control, contraceptives, and what resources are available. As they expand their help to women through partnering Planned Parenthood and the Jane Due Process, they aim to navigate the best choices for their bodies as women all over continue to fight for their right.

“I think it’s even more important to come together as a community to recognize the position we are at and look forward to what we can do and change we can make,” said Srikanth.

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