COLLEGE STATION, Texas - In just over a week a group of Texas A&M Students have rallied to host a march to stand in solidarity with survivors of sexual assault.

Co-organizer Zhara Maraj says this is such an important topic and that her and her fellow planning committee members want to create a platform for those on campus and around the community to stand by these survivors.

"Right now regardless of any way you identify politically is is a major issue going on, and we wanted to show that regardless survivors will always be supported and believed," said Maraj.

The event will start at Rudder Plaza, then after words from a guest speaker the group will march through campus ending at Academic Plaza.

The group says that they want this rally to be a stepping stone in changing peoples attitudes towards sexual assault.

"In the future I hope we can have a society that believes survivors and supports them fully, and gives them their attention and respects and understands their experiences and what they have gone through," said Maraj.

The rally and march will take place in Rudder Plaza tonight at 6 p.m.