COLLEGE STATION, Texas - The Texas A&M Transportation Institute held a panel at the George Bush Presidential Library Thursday to discuss the future of travel.

Automated vehicles are considered the next step toward self-driving cars and they would require the driver to do very little work.

Many cars already have automated features like self braking and blind spot monitoring. Experts from TTI discussed things like how that kind of technology could shape the way we get around and how policies could change with automated vehicles becoming mainstream.

"A lot of the crashes right now have human factors in them and if something can help me and I'm distracted, to stop when that car in front of me stops, automatically, that's helpful. It should reduce crashes," said Dr. Ed Seymour with TTI.

Seymour says some of the big automakers already have plans to release automated vehicles within the next few years, which could require the driver to do very little work.