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Texas A&M's Second Response to PETA Claims

Texas A&M responds to PETA claims.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Texas A&M has responded to the claims about the closure of it's dog research labs on campus.

Those claims are false and now, A&M has sent out a second response to the allegations.

Texas A&M statement:

"Anyone who has ever known a child with muscular dystrophy or knows the parent of a child with muscular dystrophy knows how devastating this disease is, not only to the individual but also to the family. They rarely live beyond 20 years of age; they die young, and there is no cure.
 Muscular dystrophy is a genetically based disease that occurs in nature in both people and in dogs.
 Affected dogs are born with the disease and are not artificially made to be “sick.” They are treated with great care and tenderness. These dogs help unravel the mysteries and potential cures for this dreadful disease, thus offering relief for both children and animals. Our world-renowned veterinary neurologists have devoted their lives to taking care of animals and use their expertise in an attempt to find relief for animals and for children."


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