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Texas drought has led to a low in honey production

Extreme weather conditions in Texas this year have stunted honey output.

TEXAS, USA — The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service says that the extreme heat and low soil moisture this year has led to low production of honey in Texas.

According to a AgriLife Extension entomologist, Molly Keck, when temperatures hit 100 degrees the ability for bees to forage reduces a lot. 

Keck notes that the long recovery from the February 2021 winter storm mixed with severe drought have not offered the bees a suitable environment for honey production. 

Keck says that there is not enough information yet to give an accurate report on honey production in Texas for this year, but recognizes that it did dip in 2021. 

The road to recovery in Texas is showing good signs for the future through sales of nucleus hives. These are hives that have a queen and worker bees that can eventually build into production hives, Keck says. These sales will keep up the financial side of the business all while building towards the increased production of honey. 

For more information about the production of Texas honey visit here. 

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