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Texas has cheapest gas in the country, AAA says

Everything is bigger and better in Texas, including savings on gas. ⛽️

SAN ANTONIO — Everything is bigger and better in Texas, including savings on gas. San Antonio is one of the cheapest places to get gas in the Lone Star state, ranking in the top 10. 

The American Auto Association says that Texas has the cheapest statewide average in gas prices at $3.64 a gallon for regular unleaded. This is 14 cents less than the price was this time last week, AAA said. 

Although we are seeing the price of gas decreasing, it's still costing drivers on average 80 cents more than it was a year ago. 

Here's a breakdown of the five metropolitan areas in Texas paying the most and the five paying the least...

Top five most expensive places to get regular unleaded gas in Texas:

  1. College Station/Bryan - $3.851 
  2. Midland - $3.814 
  3. Odessa - $3.732 
  4. Beaumont/Port Arthur - $3.727 
  5. Galveston/Texas City - $3.725 

Here are the five cheapest places in Texas to get regular unleaded gas:

  1. Brownsville/Harlingen - $3.333 
  2. McAllen/Edinburg/Mission - $3.341 
  3. Laredo - $3.346 
  4. Corpus Christi - $3.402 
  5. Sherman/Denison - $3.421

San Antonio ranks number nine on the list followed by Dallas. 

“Texas has the lowest gas price average of any state in the country according Gasprices.AAA.com,” said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster. “It remains to be seen how far gasoline prices can actually fall with the busy summer driving season still underway.”

On Wednesday, Crude oil prices reached their lowest since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, AAA said in a statement. Another reason for the declining prices is due to a declining demand for gasoline. 

The other states that have lower prices nationally are South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky and Louisiana. 

The most expensive states, in order, are California with a statewide average above $5, Hawaii, Alaska, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Maine and Illinois. 

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