COLLEGE STATION, Texas - One organization that is always prepped and ready to go is our region's own Texas Task Force 1.

The Task Force geared up Thursday morning, sending out crews to both Corpus Christi and Galveston. This is the seventh deployment of 2017 for our first responders.

"We are actually ready to go, within two hours, our requirement is to be on the road in less than 4 hours," Director of TTF1 Jeff Saunders said.

Boats, life jackets, flashlights and more are getting packed up and ready to go to make sure these workers have everything they need for people who need help.

"We will be there in advance of the storm so, we are going to be watching and monitoring and when the locals need us they will ask us what to do," he said.

Hundreds of first responders have already left for Galveston and Corpus Christi with enough supplies to last 3 days on their own, which can be one of the most important tasks.

"Especially for the boat squads that are being deployed in advanced, they don't have as robust packages so we need to make sure they have everything with them" he said.