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Buc-ee’s and TxDOT reminding travelers to keep road-ways clean and ‘Don’t Mess with Texas’

Everything is bigger in Texas, and cleaner, thanks to these two iconic Texas based companies.
Credit: KAGS

BRYAN, Texas —

This month, Buc-ee’s and TxDOT start their cross-branding initiative to keep Texas beautiful and litter-free. 

Billboards scattered across major travel routes will display the iconic ‘Don’t mess with Texas’ slogan alongside the Buc-ees brand, reminding travelers to keep trash in their cars until they are able to throw it away at the next available Buc-ee’s location. 

‘Don’t Mess with Texas’ trash barrels, cross-branded merchandise and signs will be placed throughout Buc-ee’s locations to teach visitors about the proper way to dispose trash in Texas to keep the roads clean.

The cross-initiative doesn’t end here though. The two Texas brands are also working together to teach youth in schools the importance of keeping Texas beautiful, as well as hosting trash clean-ups during the statewide ‘Don’t Mess with Texas’ Trash-Off cleanup day in April.

Texas has been a major force in the education of litter prevention since 1986. Approximately 362 million pieces of litter accumulate on Texas roadways each year, with many common pieces being food, cigarette butts, and small pieces of paper. 

Fines for littering in Texas start at $500, and can go up to $2,000.