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The city of College Station is set to host three Middle Housing Zoning District meetings

The city will allow residents to offer feedback on middle housing zoning districts, which officials say is a more organic way for a neighborhood to evolve.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Adopted in October of last year, a Middle Housing Zoning District is a new zoning district that allows a flexible mix of housing options. This includes anything from small lot single-family homes to duplexes, townhouses, and even small-scale multiplexes.

Now, the city of College Station is set to host three Middle Housing Zoning District meetings throughout June.

"We really hope this is attractive for residents of all walks of life," Long-Range Planning Administrator, Alyssa Halle-Schramm said. "One of the really big benefits of zoning district that is this flexible is that you really could develop a single-family home, next to a duplex, next to another single-family home, and have a row of 5 or 6 townhouses."

On June 7 and 14, the city of College Station will be hosting two virtual meetings, with an in-person meeting planned for June 21 at city hall to gauge the interests of citizens as it relates to more Middle Housing Zoning Districts.

"We really want to test the temperature of how citizens are feeling about this new middle housing zoning district and specifically the areas in which the city may initiate this proactive rezoning," Halle-Schramm said. "We have kind of a draft version of that of those areas that we've added with our Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council."

The city is proactively considering rezoning thousands of lots across College Station, and interested residents can bring their property in privately and ask for a zoning change.

"From the city perspective, trying to diversify our housing stock so there are more options to enter the housing market," Halle-Schramm said. "The first-time home buyer that wants or wants or can afford a smaller home, there are smaller homes on smaller lot sizes."

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