BRYAN, Texas —

The Blinn College Police Department conducted an emergency response exercise at Blinn College on Wednesday near the Student Center at the college’s Bryan campus.

Blinn police, along with around 20 law enforcement agencies including the FBI, participated in the exercise from 7 a.m. through 2 p.m. Wednesday to test Blinn’s ability to address emergency situations. Fall classes begin Monday, August 26.

Emergency response personnel and vehicles filled the campus throughout the day. Dozens of volunteers worked with emergency responders to simulate emergency situations.

“Unfortunately, in the day and age we live we have to think about these things,” Blinn Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs and Strategic Relations Leighton Schubert said. “We have people here who are fresh off the El Paso shooting. We have people here who were at the Santa Fe shooting. We have a lot of knowledge, a lot of experience and they’re trying to pass that along to other law enforcement personnel.”