BRYAN, Texas — The temperatures are dropping, and this may mean an increase in fires. And on scene at all fires in the area is the American Red Cross

When sirens go off and fire alarms are ringing, you can be sure that help is on the way. The Red Cross of Brazos County is headquartered in Bryan and serves seven surrounding counties.

The Disaster Program Manager Nate Kidwell wants to remind people to blow out their candles when they leave the room.

“As it gets colder, we have problems when people start turning on their furnaces and they didn’t get them clean or checked beforehand. Then a lot of our fires are actually caused by unattended candles. Probably fifty percent of the fires we responded to in the last three weeks has probably been because of unattended candles,” said Kidwell. 

And in situations where more than one fire is burning, resources may be tight, but red cross will find a way.

“Things get tight when we have multiple fires happen at the same time, but we make sure that we make the needs the best we can and make sure everybody is taken care of,” said Disaster Services Volunteer Jerry Redman.

The American Red Cross also said that the organization runs short on volunteers during the holiday season when the current ones leave for break, and is always looking for more volunteers.


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