COLLEGE STATION, Texas - You may notice him at the intersection of Texas and Holleman.

He stands on the corner, rapping.

But, who is he? Legally he is Dr. Reuben A. Buford May and teaches at Texas A&M.

"I am a professor of sociology at Texas A&M," he said.

Dr. May is an award winning professor. Last year he won the Presidential Professor Award, which is the highest teaching award you can win at Texas A&M. And this year won the Piper Professor Award, which is given to only 10 professors in Texas.

"It's been an honor," he said. "It speaks volume to my abilities."

But, this professor isn't just known for his scholarly achievements. He's also known for rapping on the street corners.

"I am also known as Reginald Stuckey," he said. "It was a nickname from a long time ago."

And while Dr. May and Stuckey are the same person, Stuckey is a name that represents his creative side.

"The name represents being the smartest guy, being the best athlete, and having money," Stuckey said. "It represents the ideal version of me in a creative way."

And Stuckey's most creative outlet - rapping.

"I've been rapping since the 80's," he said.

Even though he spent his time rapping and making videos, Stuckey never took the time to learn his lyrics. Until, a student asked him to rap for her.

"She said 'When are you going to rap for us?", Stuckey said. "I said, 'I can't, I don't know my lyrics."

So, he decided to change that. He started going out to benches, street corners, or any public place he could find.

"I would start practicing in front of people," he said.

Those practices - built up his confidence.

He has performed at the Chicago House of Blues, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle, and at Kyle Field in front over over 4,000 people.

But to him, it doesn't matter where he raps, or where he goes.

"Once I go there, there is a certain amount of energy and passion that flows through me," Stuckey said.

And that passion brings the opportunity to inspire others.

"I'm engaging in something that is positive for me," he said. "And if people get some benefit from that, I feel really great."

To learn more about Stuckey, check out his website.