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Madisonville business owner thankful to community after devastating tornado

Sallie Reid said while the tornado was a terrible thing, it brought out a sense of community beyond what she thought was possible.

MADISONVILLE, Texas — This week marks two months since Madisonville and other areas suffered a major tornado that left many homeowners  and business owners in shambles.

For Sallie Reid, she said she remembers putting herself in the pantry for protection from the storm.

“It came through my house and then my ears popped and then I just started hearing crashing like a car crash," Reid said.

The owner of Bluebird Haven Estates, a wedding venue, Reid is a native of the small town and says that when she saw the damage that was done during the March storm, she couldn’t believe it.

“I mean a tornado has never come through like this," Reid said. "We’ve had it on the outskirts of Madison County, but we’ve never had one through Madisonville city limits."

While it was a terrifying experience for Reid, her property also was left damaged by the storm. However, she said compared to some others, she was lucky. As she walked out in the dark, she said she remembers the uprooted trees and sheets of metal that made its way from other areas and it covering the grounds.

“It was just sheets of tin that were blown over the top of my house and through my trees and landed up by my backdoor," said Reid.

Looking back, Reid says she remembers not knowing if she was going to make it out. “It was very frightening. I thought it might be my end."

Friends and neighbors later came together to help Reid with her worries.

“I had a lot of help because and everybody was just so concerned," she said.

Having a wedding that Saturday, Reid said she wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but she didn’t want to let the bride and groom down.

“I’m very blessed to be booking as much as I am at the time of life that we’re in," said Reid.

She said that in any other area, this wouldn’t be the case, but for Madisonville, it’s just the nature of the people who live there.

“I just love Madisonville and the people that are here are just good people," Reid said.

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