COLLEGE STATION, Texas—The Texas Department of Transportation held a public meeting Tuesday to gather feedback on the proposed improvement projects to FM 2818 or Harvey Mitchell Parkway.

TxDOT said the purpose of the project is to address the traffic congestion and improve safety along the stretch of Harvey Mitchell from half a mile north of FM 60 (Raymond Stotzer Parkway) to FM 2154 (Wellborn Road).

"We've had a lot of feedback saying something needs to be done," said Neil Riddle, TxDOT Traffic Engineer.

In the last few months, the City of College Station has been working to improve traffic congestion along Harvey Mitchell Parkway and made some changes to alleviate the traffic build-ups.

The improvement projects proposed Tuesday by TxDOT include widening a section of the corridor and upgrading some of the intersections.

Including adding something called a Super Street Intersection.

Riddle said this design minimizes turning movements in the intersections.

"It's a better way for vehicles to get across, rather than making a traditional straight left-hand turn at the cross street, everyone has to turn right and u-turn to make a safer entrance onto the facility going in the other direction," said Riddle.

The Super Streets are projected for the intersections of Harvey Mitchell and George Bush Drive, Luther Drive, and Holleman Drive.

Another part of the plan includes restricting apartment complex driveways to a right-in/right-out only, meaning drivers won't be able to make left-hand turns across traffic from an apartment complex.

Some College Station residents said they're ready for the changes.

"Right now as we have it, it isn't' going to work for the long term, how our growth as a population is going to increase over the next five to ten years, so changing the system itself will help it improve," said Caeleb Garcia, a student at Texas A&M University.

"I think we need some changes," said College Station resident Eric Wylie.

"Our growth and our roads do not even come close to matching our population, and so, therefore, we've got to catch up," he added.

Riddle said that TxDOT now has funding for the project and wants to the public's feedback before moving forward with the plans.

The projected two year improvements would begin in the fall of 2019.

"It's going to be good, it's going to better, and it's going to be safer," said Riddle.

If you weren't able to make the meeting, TxDOT would still like your feedback by completing an online survey. You can find that link here.

To learn more about the project, click here.