From potentially doing away with train horns at high school football games to coming down harder on ejected players, the UIL Legislative Council voted on a variety of new rules for numerous sports Tuesday in Round Rock.

Lets focus though on some of the bigger changes coming to Friday night lights. For now, only higher seeded Class 5A and 6A programs will have home field advantage in the bi-district round of the playoffs.

The UIL Athletic Commitee says it will revisit homefield advantage in the first round for Class 4A and below next year after it sees how 5A functions.

Programs and coaches across the state will have to alter their fall camp routine come August.. A new rule has passed, which states teams must start preseason practice with two days of helmets only. That will then be followed by three days of helmets and shoulder pads. The final day in shells can include limited contact. Beginning the second week, programs can then go full pads and have full contact..