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Unbound BCS serving refugees on the Ukrainian border

For 10 years, Amanda Buenger said she’s traveled all over the world to help keep people from falling victim to trafficking.

BRYAN, Texas — A local leader in the Brazos Valley is stepping up in the Russia-Ukraine conflict by helping refugees on the Ukraine-Poland border.

For 10 years, Unbound Executive Director, Amanda Buenger, said she’s traveled all over, from Mongolia to many other areas, all to help keep people from falling victim to trafficking.

“I really have a heart for the nations and the work that we do at Unbound. We do it globally, but it starts locally," said Buenger.

Buenger said she first arrived in Ukraine on Monday to assist refugees on the country’s border with Poland, especially women and children who’ve left others behind.

“It’s really devastating. These people are leaving their homes, their countries are being torn apart by war," said Buenger.

She said since she's arrived, she’s already come across a situation that could’ve turned for the worst.

“We handed them our handouts on how to stay safe from human trafficking and started telling them about who we were and what we did," Buenger said. "Immediately, they said 'we couldn’t believe it, we felt like it’s a sign from God that our guts were right.' It was not a safe situation."

Buenger said she makes it her mission to help others watch out for the warning signs, especially if any payment was involved. All it takes is starting a simple conversation and asking intentional questions.

“How are you getting transportation when you cross over the border? How did you connect with that person? How do you know that person? Did you meet that person online," said Buenger.

A message she’s hoping carries on even after she departs and makes her way home.

"What we’re doing is we’re establishing long-term relationships with key partners that will allow us to create a sustainable office here for maybe an Unbound Eastern Europe office that will continue to work here for 10 to 15 years," said Buenger.

Buenger said she plans on leaving the border on Monday, next week.

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