COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- Over 128 teams from around the state of Texas will all meet at Veterans Park in College Station for the 7 on 7 Tournament.

Along with the return of some serious competition, comes the risk of dangerous injury.That's what Jim Caldwell, the executive vice president of Unequal, is trying to minimize the effects of concussions.

“There's so much awareness about concussions and reducing the risk,” Caldwell said. “Nothing prevents it or eliminates it. But it's about reducing the risk of concussions, and that’s what Unequal protection is all about.”

Their product is called 'Halo,’ which is what all the participants this weekend will wear. What looks to be a regular head band is protecting the athletes against heavy impacts.

"Parents, the coaches, the players, no one wants to get injured,” Caldwell said. “Coaches don't want to get their kids injured and then they can't show up for Fall football. so, they need to have some head protection "

All 2600 participants will get a halo band to take home this weekend. This will be the third-year Unequal would provide the protective head gear for the tournament.