COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Election season is in full swing and houses across the Brazos Valley are decorated with signs in support of their favorite candidates, but after receiving a letter in the mail one College Station resident was worried she may be fined for hers.

The letter looks legit, with a return address and a letterhead saying it's from, and reads "Any "BETO" signs must be removed or you will receive a $500 fine."

The letter is postmarked from an address claiming to represent the State of Texas, but a simple Google search, comes up empty.

Our first source to verify whether or not he letter was real, the Texas Secretary of States Office Communications Director Sam Taylor.

"We don't send any letter of this kind out from our agency, and it is definitely not from any state agency, as they do not send any political mailers," said Taylor.

Our second source, the Department of Information Resources, in an email conversation with their Press Secretary Elliot Sprehe, he states, "This is not an authorized use of the logo and is not associated wth the or the Texas Department of Information Resources in any way".

So we can verify that this letter is in fact false and that you cannot be fined for having election signs in your yard unless they are within 100 feet of a polling place.