COLLEGE STATION, Texas - U.S. Air Force veteran and artist Jenn Hassin explores the core values instilled in Texas A&M students and U.S. military recruits in a new exhibit titled “Respect.”

Hassin makes her art pieces using thousands of rolled sheets of paper. Hassin created the large-scale exhibit in collaboration with the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets, who helped the artist make handmade paper from recycled military uniforms and civilian clothing.

"Within these rolls there are rolled messages, and prayers or letters of positivity for that person, and that is rolled and embedded within the piece," said Hassin.

Hassin said she tilted her exhibit “Respect” because she considers it one of the most significant values shared between Aggies and the military.

"These people are more than just someone who shows up to do their military service, They are father, mothers and friends, husbands and wives. They are definitely more than combat boots," said Hassin.

Students and gallery-goers have the opportunity to contribute to a large-scale sculpture consuming much of the gallery space. Attendees can write messages on paper made from military uniforms and hang them from a large web.

Hassin has exhibited her large-scale sculptural works in the Pentagon and in multiple museums across the nation.

The Wright Gallery will display Hassin’s exhibit until Oct. 29.

The Wright Gallery is located in Building A of the Langford Architecture Center at Texas A&M University.