WALLER COUNTY, Texas - With Hurricane Harvey quickly approaching people are rushing to their local markets to make sure they have plenty of water and canned goods.

Although Harvey isn't supposed to bring a ton of damage to central Texas, that isn't stopping officials with the Waller County Department of Emergency Management from preparing for the weekend ahead.

“Our job with the Department of Emergency Management is to plan and coordinate with our cities, our police departments and our fire departments to make sure we're working together in case we do flood,” said Emergency Manager Brian Cantrell.

Although the storm hasn't made landfall yet, Cantrell says at this point it’s all about staying proactive and notifying county residents about ways to stay safe in potential flood zones.

“What we'll see from Harvey is that it is going to bring a tremendous amount of rain. So, that's something that concerns us, especially here in Waller County with flooding,” said Cantrell.

Robenia Barthe says her husband lived in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. So, when they bought their new home in Texas, they made sure it would last through any storm.

“The storm is coming and I want to be prepared in case we lose power,” said Barthe.