COLLEGE STATION, Texas-- As temperatures start to warm up, after a bone-chilling cold snap, your pipes run the risk of leaking or bursting. Pipes that were cracked and frozen during a cold front could start to leak water once temperatures rise and ice thaws.

It’s a trend that’s keeping local plumbers busy. One Bryan company, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, told us they’ve serviced between 10-12 frozen-pipe related calls since the weekend.

“If it were to bust inside your wall and water was actually getting outside of that pipe, then it could call sheetrock damage, roof damage, flooring damage,” said Brent Blassingame, with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

We met up with him outside a College Station home, where he and his partner were repairing Jim Brothers’ outside pipes. One of them froze early Wednesday morning.

“It’s like if you put a Dr. Pepper in your freezer,” Blassingame said, referring to pipes both inside and outside a home. “Whenever it freezes, it’ll bust and explode.”

Experts say to make sure to cover your pipes, both the spigots and the pipes themselves, to avoid a freeze. Also, don’t turn off your home’s water supply completely. Try to leave your sinks at a drink. That will at least prevent some pipes inside from freezing up.

And, if you have a leak or a burst, make sure to call a licensed plumber right away.