GREENSBORO, N.C. – O Canada, so many Americans are tempted to cross the border after this election with more people Googling the idea than ever before.

But the internet can only teach you so much. So we went to the International festival in Raleigh and hunted down the Maple leaf, boothed by Gary from Quebec and Caroline who came here from a little village between Quebec city and Montreal.

They say one of the biggest shocks about moving to the Canada would be the taxes.
"When I left Quebec I was paying a tax of 58 percent totally. That was huge. Then I came to the United States and I maxed out there around 40," Gary said.

On top of that, you could have to pay double taxes for the US and Canada while you transfer your citizenship. And then there's high sales taxes on certain items like Cigarettes. Marlboros for example sell in the US for $6.50 and Canada for over $9.

For all those taxes, you do get healthcare provided.

"Everybody has some coverage. So you can go to the hospital and not have to pay anything,” Caroline said.

However, it's common to wait at least four months to see a specialist.

"Your priority was based on how critical they evaluate your problem to be," Gary said.

And the schools there are top notch ranking 10th in the world compared to America at 17th.
"You're up front costs of the taxes are there for a reason. And provide a lot of great services. If you have children, it's wonderful,” Gary said. “If you don't have children, it's a lot of extra taxes you’re paying which is not being utilized."

The other gloomy thing to think about: You'll be trading in our warm sunny days for a lot of clouds and snow! North Carolina gets an average of seven inches per year. Compared to Montreal's 82 inches. 82! Making life miserable at times even for natural born Canadians.

"And you have to add at least 40 minutes to your commute on the front end because you have to remove the snow from your car before you leave the house and again at the end of the day," Caroline said.
These guys from Canada were so welcoming and nice. Their personalities just infectious and make you happy. But to join that crowd ain't easy. There are very tough limits on who Canada will let move in. And they have an interactive quiz to see if you qualify.