BRYAN, Texas — Thanks to a grant from the NRA Foundation, Precinct Two of Brazos County has been able to buy and now use “bean bag guns.”

Chief Deputy Dan Severin said the precinct refers to them as ‘specially impact munitions.’

“[They're] essentially kevlar bags filled with tiny little shot... that are launched from a shotgun shell that give an impact on someone equivalent to a fastball from a major league pitcher,” said Chief Deputy Severin.

The deputy also noted these "bean bag guns" hopefully reduce the need for deadly force.

They are not only a less lethal force, but they give law enforcement more time to react in dangerous situations. 

“The idea is to essentially use the same thing as a baton strike or a punch from farther away than I can reach,” Chief Deputy Severin said.

“If someone has a knife and you have to get within two or three feet of them to disarm them, they have a good chance of injuring or killing you with it. If you can get 10 or 15 yards, you have a little more chance to try something else.”

These less lethal weapons have been around for decades, but still don’t come cheap. 

Chief Deputy Saverin’s grant application ended up giving precinct two enough ammunition for six of their patrol cars, which he said was a big step for them.