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Beto O'Rourke endorses Joe Biden; goes to Whataburger after rally

O'Rourke posted a photo of them eating, describing why he is endorsing Biden.
Credit: Medium.com

DALLAS ā€” Beto O'Rourke and Joe Biden broke bread together, and by bread, we mean Whataburger bread buns.

The two were seen at the orange-and-white chain Monday night in Dallas after O'Rourke endorsed Biden at a rally in the Lone Star State.

After the endorsement, O'Rourke did the most Texas thing he could do ā€” he took the Former Vice President to Whataburger

O'Rourke posted a photo of them eating on Medium's website, saying:

"Iā€™m voting for Joe Biden today in the Texas primary because he can beat Donald Trump; because having him at the top of the ticket will help our down-ballot candidates, especially in Texas; and because he can bring people together to reach the ambitious goals we have for our country."

O'Rourke says there are many differences between Biden and President Donald Trump. He also says that Biden can help the US accomplish an ambitious agenda for its people.

To read his full post, click here.

Biden took to Twitter Wednesday following his Texas primary win: