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Brazos Co. Election Admin. answers mail-in ballot FAQs

Can you track a mail in ballot? Or what if you get two ballots in the mail? We’ve got the answers.

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — Election 2020 is a historic one for several reasons, including the number of people registering to vote by mail due to the pandemic.

Some people looking to vote by mail have had questions about how to go about it.

Can you track a mail in ballot? Or, what if you get two ballots in the mail

We have the answers. 

According to the Brazos County Elections office, more than 6,500 requested mail in ballots have been sent out to voters in Brazos County.

Once you fill out those ballots and send them in, is there a way to track them?

The short answer from Brazos County Elections is ‘no,’ unless you send them through the post office and pay for a return receipt for that mail. 

Aside from that, you can’t track your mail in ballot each step of the way, but you can see once the Brazos County Elections Office gets it. 

They have a roster with that information on BrazosVotes.org

What if you get two ballots in the mail? 

The Brazos County Elections office said, like with any problem that comes up with your voting process, give them a call. 

They would need to get one of those ballots back from you if that happens.

Depending on how close they are to their deadline, Brazos County Elections would have you either mail in your extra ballot or drop it off at their office. 

The last day to request a mail in ballot is at 5 p.m. on  Friday October 23, 2020.