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KACAL vs BIUS: May 24 Runoff Election

Who should you vote for in the runoff? Check out some of the stances Kacal and Bius have and why they want you to vote for them.
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BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — After two candidates failed to receive at least 50 percent of the votes in march they’re now in the midst of a runoff election.

Kyle Kacal said he remembers the moment he almost didn’t come to town for school but said his decision made his mom happy.

“My mom was in tears because I told her I was going and obviously I got my letter to A&M a week later and accepted that one and that was the longest week of my life. My mom mad thinking I was going to be a longhorn," said Kacal. 

Sitting on the District 12 seat since 2013 for the Texas State House of Representatives, Kacal said it’s here where he has fond memories of going to A&M and later forming a family of his own.

“My wife, Marci,  and I have been married almost 30 years. All that time has been spent here in Brazos county," said Kacal.

Since his start in office, Kacal has made law enforcement and first responders a priority, helping to provide bulletproof protection and charitable support to groups.

Kacal said his faith in God has always come first and it’s what led him to want to serve others.

“I am called to serve that is what I do. I’m in the service industry so it’s just how God made me," said Kacal.

Kacal also helped to start the ovarian cancer foundation to support women’s health. But for Kacal he said if he’s reelected he’s hoping to make a comeback on reforming crime.

“Bail reform, we didn’t quite get there, we made some monumental steps. So it’s another thing driving me to get back. I wanna make sure we give this community, this district the opportunity to succeed, but I want them to be safe," said Kacal.

Ben Bius, Kacal's opponent, said he’s happy to call Huntsville his home for many years.

“Huntsville is my home, I came to school here in 1974 and graduated in 1979 and opened a business here and been in business ever since," said Bius.

Bius said he’s most notably known though for his wife.

“My wife’s name is Kim. In Huntsville, I’m most notably known as Kim's husband and that’s gotten me a lot of votes. Kim owns a home and garden center here which is extremely popular," said Bius.

When it comes to criminal cases, Bius said if he’s elected he wants to make trial processes easier for district attorneys. Ultimately though he said he’s putting his faith in the front seat.

“I’m gonna follow the word and the constitution, and when they don’t align up we’re off course," said Bius.

And although Kacal wants bail reform at the top, Bius said more needs to be done for the security of ballots and the Texas border.

“The ballot box and the border are what make a great nation, and if those are not secure then the people lose hope, they don’t vote, and then they become frustrated," said Bius.

So as both men take steps closer to Election Day, they’re just hoping the people pick the right person to stand up for their interests.

You can vote early, May 16-20, or on Election Day, May 24.

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