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KAGS Explains: Burleson County Propositions

Propositions A and B on the County's ballot in the City of Somerville both ask if voters would be in favor of raising taxes for street and water line repairs.

SOMERVILLE, Texas — November 3, 2020 is just days away, and at at KAGS, we want to keep voters informed on their way to the polls.

There are more things on the ballot aside from the presidential election, including several propositions, depending on where you live in the Brazos Valley.

In Burleson County's city of Somerville voters will have two propositions to look over. 

Their Proposition A asks if voters are for or against putting no more than $400,000 of tax money to build a new water line and reconstruct the city's sewer system. 

Proposition B for the City of Somerville asks if voters would be willing to give one million 100 thousand in tax dollars to fix certain city streets. 

"Its our intent to install a new water line along eighth street and a new sanitary sewer rehabilitation along  eighth street also," said City Manager Danny Segundo. 

"There's a lot of potholes for eighth street, for memory lane, and the street infrastructure has deteriorated to where we're going to go in there, put in new base material, and then overlay that with asphalt."

If they are approved both bonds would increase the debt services portion of the taxes for people within the city.

Segundo says right now nine cents of Somerville residents' property tax goes toward debt services.

Those repairs specified in Propositions A and B would increase that number to about 12 to 15 cents. 

You can find out more about the City of Somerville and Burleson County Elections procedures on their respective websites.

You can find more coverage on various propositions in the Brazos Valley throughout KAGSTV.com.