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John vs John: The Election Battle for District 14

John Raney and John Harvey Solcum are both candidates running to represent District 14. They both discuss their policies and care for the Brazos community.

BRYAN, Texas — With less than a week from election day and the march primaries...Many races are facing fierce competitors.

For one office…it’s a battle between two Brazos natives seeking to see results should they be elected.

For the state rep of district 14’s office…two johns are on the ballot this race.

A Brazos valley native…Kohn Raney has been in office since 20-11.

He says he remains passionate about politics because enjoys serving others before himself…as a businessman and an advocate.


“I love doing things to help other people and I have had some real successes as a legislator.”

The former Texas aggie says since his time in office…Raney says he’s been able to accomplish a lot for others.

He says he’s especially proud to have helped pass a law protecting workers with special needs wages on the job.


“these people with disabilities were being taken advantage of by getting special credits for hiring people with disabilities.”

Raney says that the most critical area that he plans to address are the issues with the border…and the crime. Human trafficking…and other issues along with it.


“the border thing is critical…it’s critical because of crime.”

Running against Raney is john Harvey Slocum…another native to the Brazos valley…whose father is known by many for previously leader the aggie football team.

He says he’s running to be a leader others can look to.

John Harvey Slocum

“over those last three years, it became overwhelmingly obvious to me that we need better leadership in Austin.”

Since moving back to aggie land three years ago…he’s helped open 1860 Italia in the area…and says he’s a businessman who’s creating jobs.


“we created this, 1860, which I think people would agree is a great asset. I think we’ve created somewhere between 75 and 100 jobs.”

As for Slocum and Raney…both agree the border should be a top priority and needs to be improved.


“we don’t have border. You know border, what’s going on with that? We talk about that but let’s act on that.”

So as both are eager to know the results from election day…they’re hoping the people will make the right decision for their district.

Don’t forget….Election day is Tuesday march first. 

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