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Texas Rep. McCaul speaks out on gas stove debate, claims federal overreach

Michael McCaul, U.S. Representative for Texas' 10th District, said that a nationwide ban on gas stoves would be "federal overreach."

BRYAN, Texas — There’s been increased debate over whether the United States plans on gas stoves after a Commissioner on the Consumer Products Safety Commission voiced the opinion to consider a nationwide ban on gas stoves.

Michael McCaul, a United States representative for Texas’ 10th District, said that a number of Republicans have expressed their concerns through social media and other means. 

McCaul also said that he would not support a ban on gas stoves if the Biden Administration were to consider and move forward with executive action.

The congressman claimed that such a move would hurt homeowners who own gas stoves and “cripple the economy” for businesses that rely on such burners. McCaul claimed the issue is much larger though and mirrors some of the policies passed under the Carter administration in the 1970’s and would lead the country into an “energy crisis.”

“What’s particularly offensive is that the federal government is coming into your homes and telling you to turn off your gas stove because we can’t get out,” said McCaul.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has said that President Biden currently has no plans to ban gas stoves nationwide.

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