BRYAN, Texas — On day two of President Donald Trump's impeachment proceedings on Wednesday, the prosecution presented the first of their oral arguments, insisting that evidence be used in the trial. 

With all that’s happened leading up to and on day one of the prosecution's testimony one issue has stood out -- evidence.

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer was recorded saying, “focus the american people on the need for a fair trial, which means witnesses and documents."

Republicans voted against using new evidence, including witnesses, and to TAMU Bush School Professor, Justin B. Bullock, “there’s two ways of thinking about that. One is they have the number of votes and there's very little precedent with impeachment so anything they can vote through is what the rules are.”

“However impeachment is an a sort of indictment and in a traditional court system and then you have a trial. When you have a trial new evidence is allowed. So I think it’s a bit dodgy that Republicans in the senate don’t want to allow new evidence... if the president is not guilty of these crimes, why not have new evidence that could exonerate him?”

Professor Bullock says that there’s still opportunity to revisit that decision though, but beyond that, the digital age has boomed since the last impeachment process.

As far as the scope of social media's influence on proceedings in this day and age, Professor Bullock thinks, "it’s definitely changed how the process works. We have access to more firsthand information more recordings that cant be disputed.”

He also added those kind of advancements aren’t always good, citing deep fakes "polluting information about how specific actors behave.”

Through all this, Republicans continue to claim the whole trial is a waste of time, but Professor Bullock said, “the investigative bodies within the government are saying this is not okay. So the idea that a trial shouldn’t take place at this point or that there's no evidence is being disputed by everyone except the Republicans.”


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