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What is the current state of the Republican party after just edging out a win in the midterm election?

The Republican party has retaken the house of representatives, but there are still uncertainties about how the party will move forward and who will lead them.

TEXAS, USA — The Republican party has retaken the House of Representatives in Washington D.C. with the conclusion of the midterm elections, but there are still uncertainties about how the party will move forward and who will lead them. 

Although the GOP received enough votes to retake the house, the Democratic party still holds a narrow advantage in the senate with 50 seats, something many in Washington and across the lone star state didn't expect. 

"It's not what I want. It's not what I expected," House representative for Texas district 17 Pete Sessions said. "I think our candidates failed the last two weeks to effectively reach out to independent voters."

After the predicted midterms "Red wave" fizzled out, there has been some division within the republican party. Florida Senator Rick Scott failed in his challenge against Mitch McConnell to become the GOP leader in the Senate.

"I think you've always got a lot of competition, spirited competition and this spirited competition finds itself in the differences between what might be what the promise was and what the final answer was," Congressman Sessions said. 

Despite former President Donald Trump backing many of the party's losing candidates this fall, he is still perceived to be the heavy favorite to secure the Republican ticket in 2024.

"I think president Trump has, as has been described many times, he is secured without question, probably at least 35 or 40% of the Republican primary voters who would come out," Congressman Sessions said. 

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