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Sam Houston Memorial Museum honors Alabama-Coushatta Tribe

The Sam Houston Memorial Museum honored the tribe during Native American Heritage Month by putting many aspects of their culture on display.

HUNTSVILLE, Texas — November marked the start of Native American Heritage Month, and one Texas area is doing their part to keep an important piece of regional history alive and well. 

Often times, this month can become overshadowed by the holiday season.

The Alabama Coushatta tribe has been a part of Texas history even before Texas became a state.

"We are one of three tribes in the state of Texas, ours being the oldest and largest," said Herb Johnson, the Public Relations Coordinator for the tribe.

The tribe's deep rooted history with General Sam Houston has forged a connection with the Sam Houston Memorial Museum to put on exhibitions and events to put their art and history on display to the public. 

Museum Director Derrick Birdsall expressed his gratitude for having representatives of the tribe at the museum, saying "It's wonderful to have them here because they are demonstrating their time honored techniques of pine needle weaving today. It's neat to see those traditions carried forward into the 21st century." 

Ensuring that the future of the Alabama-Coushatta tribe lasts generations is always on the mind of its members. 

Johnson also expressed the importance of passing on traditions, saying "teaching crafts, teaching our language, teaching our tribal history to show we're a part of Texas."

To learn more about the demonstration, visit the museum's website here

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