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Rudder HS Students re-enact drunk driving scene as part of "Shattered Dreams Program"

BRYAN, Texas – Students and parents at Rudder High School participated in a mock drunk driving scene.

More than 15 crash members played roles in the annual Shattered Dreams Program to bring the effects of drunk driving to life.

Local police, the fire department and school officials all came together to show students the impacts of distracted driving.

"As I was laying there, it was actually pretty realistic to hear the sirens and hear the walkie talkies and helicopters and all of that,” said senior Dambrao Bryant, who played the role of a dead student. “What if this was actually real and so it just kind of gave me an idea of what it could be like. It's pretty emotional.”

Nationally, one drunk driving death happens every 20 minutes and Shattered Dreams aims to change that statistic.