COLLEGE STATION, Texas — During the 4-H Roundup, TXTeamm is putting safety first in a free ATV workshop. 

The statewide charity's ASL Rider course is all part of their partnership with several state organizations.

TXTeamm travels across Texas to teach children and adults the proper precautions to ride ATV safely, legally and responsibly, and in doing so, help save lives. 

"We have children riding with no helmets. We have children riding ATVs that are too large for them... Texas has the highest injury and fatality in the nation... and so we're trying to combat that. The kids come out here and they get to ride around and they learn stuff and learn how to be safe but they're having fun at the same time," Program Coordinator, Carol Smith said.

TXTeamm teaches these courses year round.

Visit their website to find out how they can visit your city or county.