COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Shipping containers are generally used to transport, cargo but with a little imagination they can be transformed into just about anything.

A Texas A&M student led organization known as BUILD is in the final phase of transforming recycled shipping containers into portable medical clinics.

"We turn 40 foot shipping containers into medical clinics and send them to third world countries that are in need of medical help," said Kayla McCabe design and construction team lead for BUILD.

Each fully functioning container includes an operating room and a multifunctional waiting area equipped with privacy curtains and storage cabinets.

These clinics are the last of 12 built by the organization in honor of the 12 fallen Aggies from the 1999 bonfire collapse.

"We have a clinic dedication every year for the four clinics we do each Fall. So these clinics are dedicated to Bryan A. McClain, Chad A. Powell, Jerry Don Self and Michael Stephen Ebanks," said BUILD CEO Michael Wang.

After completion, the portable clinics will be shipped to areas around the world that to places where people don't have access to quality health care.