COLLEGE STATION, Texas — A man was arrested for using a broken bottle in a fight on Northgate, Tuesday Night. 

Nicholas Taylor, 38, was charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon, after police say he cut another bar patron several times with the bottom of a broken beer bottle. One laceration was deep and close to the victim's eye, according to police. 

Taylor allegedly grabbed a woman at the bar, prompting he and one of the woman's friends to get into a fight. The woman's friend and Taylor fell onto a bar table, breaking a bottle, which Taylor then allegedly used as a weapon, according to a media release from College Station Police. 

Bar staff detained Taylor until CSPD arrived on scene and arrested him. Police consider a broken bottle a deadly weapon, resulting in Taylor's charge. 

A Nicholas Taylor is listed as an Assistant Professor with the Texas A&M School of Public Health. Texas A&M University confirmed to KAGS it is the same Nicholas Taylor that was arrested Tuesday. 

Nicholas Taylor TAMU Website

Taylor bonded out of the Brazos County Jail, Wednesday, on $30,000 bond.