COLLEGE STATION, Texas — As we find ourselves in hurricane season, Texas Task Force One is gearing up to help in those state and national disasters. 

When they are out on those search and rescue missions, their technology is state of the art and is able to help and assist people in those critical moments. 

Since March of 2015, TXTF1 has been deployed over 50 times. Assisting in disasters such as Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Michael. 

When called upon to help, the task force doesn't take over the scene, yet provides more resources to the already existing agencies. 

TXTF1 can provide water search and rescue, urban search and rescue and helicopter rescue. 

Tools and devices that they take to almost every mission includes a camera that can reach into long, dark spaces to give rescuers a glimpse at what might be there. 

"We can drill little holes and stick this camera through so we can take a look at what is inside that collapsed void," said Christy Bormann, with Texas Task Force 1.

These cameras can come in handy after search and rescue dogs find a trapped individual, but may not be able to get to them.

Another resource team members can use is an audio device tool. This device can detect up to the smallest of sounds, letting them know an individual may still be trapped. 

"It could be scratching on a surface, or tapping if someone couldn't call out ot me," said Bormann. "Just using that noise I can say 'Okay, something is in here and we need to investigate this structure." 

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