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TTI tests vehicle barrier system using new standards

By: Ian Smith


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BRYAN, Texas--In an effort to protect lives and property, the Texas A&M Transportation Institute is testing a new type of barrier designed to keep cars from driving into buildings.

In 2014, TTI developed a standard for measuring the effectiveness of these type of barriers. On Thursday, a carrier was put to the test using the new system.

TTI teamed up with a company called TrafficGuard to create a new barrier known as a bollard.

"Inside the bollard, it's the tensile or sheer strength of the steel, the thickness of the wall and the diameter of the pipe. It's a combination of those three things," said Traffic Guard CEO Mike Schram.

Four tests were performed using a bogie. The bogie, which represented a car, was crashed into the bollard at several different speeds.

To pass, the bollard had to keep the vehicle from going 12 inches beyond it and secondly, it had to keep the vehicle from going past it by four feet.

The bollard passed the first three tests, but only partially passed the fourth, where it was moved more than 12 inches.

The crews will re-engineer the bollard and plan to retest.