BRYAN, Texas — TXDot held an open house and hearing on proposed efforts to widen and restructure a portion of Farm to Market 2818 or Harvey Mitchell Parkway on Tuesday. 

TXDot is proposing to reduce the congestions of vehicles in the area from a half mile north of Raymond Stotzer parkway to Wellborn Road, turning it into a “super street.” 

According to TXDot, the project would involve will be widening that portion of the road to six lanes; with three in each direction.

The proposal also involves upgrading facilities for bicycles and pedestrians.

Maps, displays and plenty of TXDot officials were available to the public for any questions they had Tuesday evening. 

A hearing followed the open house.

After officials spoke to the public, people were given a chance to publicly share their thoughts. 

Only one person got up to a microphone to comment, saying, in part, "TXDot doesn’t know what they’re doing.”

But for people like Robert Vanbrant, it’s a different story. 

“From a cyclist, from myself, it’s very exciting. For me and many of my compatriots... We’re trying to get the bike off the road, but be able to get through and commute,” he said.

If approved, the project would cost roughly $40 million, and construction would begin in the fall of 2020.