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No, drinking water right before bed will not prevent heart attack or stroke

A Facebook post claims cardiologists suggest drinking water before bed can stop a heart attack.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Facebook post claims cardiologists suggest drinking water before bed can stop a heart attack. The post also lists a bunch of other claims that say can help prevent heart attacks and strokes. 



One glass of water before taking a shower lowers blood pressure. 

Dr. Kohli tells WCNC that warm water can help lower blood pressure but not for long.

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"The same process when you are taking a shower your blood vessels relax a little bit because the skin kinda gets warmer so it can give you a lower blood pressure, but it's not something necessarily going to result in significant changes in your blood pressure," Dr. Kohli said. 

She tells WCNC it's important to stay hydrated but not necessary to drink water before taking a shower.


One glass of water before going to bed prevents stroke or heart attack. 

Dr. Kohli tells WCNC she actually suggests not drinking water right before bed. 

"What I tell my patients is to avoid taking any water 1 to 2 hours before bedtime," Dr. Kohli said. 

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The Cleveland Clinic also suggests the same. They said drinking too much water right before bed leads to going to the bathroom and interrupting your sleep. If you are continuously sleep deprived, that could lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, weight gain, and infection. 

"Disrupting your sleep schedule even if it means it can cause more inflammation and a higher risk for heart attack and stroke," Dr. Kohli said. 

Dr. Kholi suggests people stay hydrated but drink water a few hours before bed.

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