Officials with Robertson County and the City of Franklin estimate that about 55 homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed after Saturday's tornado. Below is information to help those affected and those trying to help. It will be updated as necessary. 


- Franklin Residents were asked to go to the First Baptist Church at 202 Morgan Street in Franklin if they couldn’t get into their homes. As of a 8pmCST media conference, Robertson County officials said all displaced residents were in shelters or with relatives. 

- South New Hope Baptist Church on 611S Calvert Street in Franklin is reported to have items for families in need, according to a community Facebook post. The post also says the Church is in need of canned food donations. 

- The Church of Christ on Bremond Street is providing meals, cleanup materials, and hygiene products for those in need, according to a community Facebook post. 

Areas to Avoid:

- Residents are asked to completely avoid the south side of the city. Police are patrolling to protect citizen and property. 


- Entergy says power should be restored in Franklin by 8pm Monday night. As of Sunday afternoon, the company said roughly 6,000 customers were without power. 

- If you see downed power lines, call 979-828-3299


- As of a Sunday news update, the closest working fuel station for Franklin residents is Love’s on Highway 6. Their address online is listed as 1423 N Market Street in Hearne. 


- Monetary donations should be sent to the Red Cross or Salvation Army 

- Food donations should go to the Brazos Valley Food Bank. The Franklin Food Pantry was virtually destroyed, according to officials. 

- Volunteers area asked to call their local Salvation Army or Red Cross chapter, rather than simply arriving in Franklin. 

Lost Animals and Shelters: 

- A Shelter for lost and displaced animals will be at the Ag Extension Office 4h Barn, on 46 North, 1 Mile out of Franklin. Please contact the Emergency Operations Center before arriving to pick up or drop off animals, this includes those dropping off animals before going to shelters. 


- Residents on the South Side of Franklin are on a BOIL WATER notice and are asked to boil all tap water before drinking

The Emergency Operations Center phone number is 979-828-6680. The public is asked to only call the number in necessary situations, as officials are busy.